The longest day in a long time

Today started like any other, wake up at seven, lounge around in my underwear until I have 5 minutes to get to work, rush out the door, etc. But after school today I only had one precious hour to fill me belly with tasty delights before it was off to a substitute teaching job. This job was pretty far from the house. For those that know the area it was in Shu Lin (樹林). I was going to be at this place for the next 6 hours (12:30-6:30).

This school was a little different most. The owner uses a home school curriculum from the US so it was a lot more advanced than what I’ve usually seen. My second class (9-11 year olds) were reading the book “Little Women” and answering questions. To compare, I was teaching 12 year olds over a year ago and we were working on the “I like ____.” pattern and a kid misspelled Coke as Cock. Anyway, it was cool having as classroom full of little people that I could naturally speak English with while teaching. I think I may have only spoken one word of Chinese the whole day (if the owner found out, I have a feeling he would have put me in a figure-four-leg-lock).

During one of the classes I got a phone call from I Ping saying she was coming back home from Korea today (was suppose to be tomorrow). So after class I hopped on the train from Shu Lin down to Taipei Main and waited for her. Turned out she had a freak apple slicing accident on Sunday and tore a ligament or something. So from there it was off to the emergency room for waiting, sleeping, waiting, walking, waiting (you know the routine). After she was settled in bed (she has to stay 2 nights) I hopped a cab back to the house, checked email and things while typing this and now it’s off to bed for me.

Oh yeah, the Dunkin Donuts in the photo below are from Korea. I’m about to have a couple before bed (and I’ll be hitting the gym tomorrow to burn’m up). That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

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