Updates with a dash of nerdiness

Yesterday I subbed for a teacher in the afternoon. That’s 2 subbings this month which equals extra money for my X-Box or iBook/IBM Laptop. Met up with Paul in between the school day. He seems real excited about working at my school and I’m also excited about him working there. Later that day I went to the gym and did some running and swimming. After not swimming for so long I can finally understand why people wouldn’t like it. It’s pretty hard. I have a lot of getting in shape to do.

Did a 45 kilometer bike ride this morning. Weighted meself afterwards and I’m 2 kilos lighter (about 4.5 pounds). After that I quickly cleaned up the house to get ready for a game of Axis and Allies with a couple guys. I Pings in Korea for the weekend so I’m home alone. Here’s the dash of nerdy from tonight’s game (which the Allies, me and Brian, won):

A and A

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