Last Week’s MMA Event

Last week I attended a MMA (mixed martial arts) tournament hosted by TFKC (the page loads slow, is in Chinese and I thought it kind of sucked). On the way to the event I got up close and personal with the newest breed of the world’s sexiness car (that felt good), then it was on to the event.

The two most noteworthy things were a foreigner that fought wearing this mask. The mask wasn’t as strange as the way he was acting, he was totally WWF (or should I say WWE). You know, yelling, telling the other guy he was going to kill him, etc. He won his first bout and took a beating during the second, but held his own. It ended up going to a decision (witch he lost).

The other thing was this old guy that went up against a younger dude (he’s referred to as the tall guy in one of the pictures). About to minutes into the fight, the old guy caught a strong gab and passed out in mid-air. He hit the mat hard with his eyes rolled up into the back of his head.

Click here for the photos.

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