Friday’s mission for donuts

Me and a friend Gubo (that’s his online identity, not real name) decided to brave the 3-5 hour wait for Mr. Donut donuts. Mr. Donut is a Japanese owned donut shop that (re)opened it’s first store in Taiwan about a month ago. The reason I say reopened is because I was told that they attempted to open a chain of donuts here before, but failed.

Our official start time was 12:50pm. I’ve provided a picture of what it looks like to be at the end of a Mr. Donut line so you can get the feel for it.

The Wait

Me and Gubo actually had a good time in line. We just talked about wireless Internet, laptops, games, programming, Apples and Win PCs, different software, you know, the usual geek stuff. Gubo also has a T610, so I got his phone setup so he could go online using his Pocket PC machine or laptop. We never got the Pocket PC machine to work, but we did get the laptop online (while we were in line). Eventually we hit the 60 minute mark (they also had a 180 minute mark near the back).

60 min mark

Soon after the 60 minute mark there were chairs we could sit in. We used this opportunity to play a game of chess (Gubo brought a board). Western chess always seems to catch the eye of Taiwanese. Plus there wasn’t really anything else to look at, so we had a small audience for our little game. It was a fun game, but I got beat in the end. Once we were really close to the door Gubo pointed out the faces in a sign (especially the Marcus look-a-like). So I had to snag a pic of that.


Finally we got in and it was time to order. But before I ordered I wanted to get a picture. I took one real quick, but they were almost as equally quick in telling me no pictures.

No pictures!

After getting up front I started to realize why there was a 3 hour line. After waiting 3 hours, you don’t want to be rushed with selecting your donuts. Gubo only wanted 3 but after the donut order lady made her face of utter disbelief and told him people were getting an average of 30 he decided to get 5. I ended up getting sixteen, ate 4 and dropped the rest off at I Pings office.

All gone

You can see all the pictures [HERE]

I finally found a way to post pictures that I actually like, so I’m going to make galleries for all the old photos I wanted to put up, and stay current with new photos from now on.

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2 Responses to Friday’s mission for donuts

  1. Etaoin Shrdlu says:

    d00d u r on cr@k. 3 hrs 4 d0nutz?

  2. miltownkid says:

    d000d! I didn’t wait in line for the donuts. It was just something to do to take up the other 21 hours a day I’m not working.

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