So I guess Bush won? I don’t hear it much, but isn’t it kind of funny that our President and Vice President is Bush and Dick? I really don’t have any feelings about the election. I’m note very politimicanacal yet (note, I’m miltownkid). Man I gotta say, today was a good day…

Had to do a song and dance for the whole kindergarten by myself this morning. I thought that was pretty fun. I was wigglin’ like a worm, hoppin’ like a kangaroo and crawlin’ like a spider. After school I spoke with another friend from DEE States for like 2 hours, that was most excellent. Then, I was kicking it on MSN with JOBNUMBER and his cousin (I suppose) talking about the election and stuff. I was going to go check out a swimming pool near my house but then I remembered I was suppose to meet someone to play Go. I only arrived mildly late.

We had a really interesting game of Go (at the Witches house). I think I learned a lot this game. I won a lot of battles and took more prisoners, but he ended up controlling more space in the end (and that’s what it’s all about). Looking forward to our next match next week.

After the game I went to the shop I was suppose to meet some friends for Taiwanese study, but I was early. There’s an eatery around the corner a friend owns so I stopped in to see if this other friend was there, and then there were a bunch of friends there because they were having a Bush celebration (that’s a lot o’ friends). Someone from the Taiwanese group was there and told me I was early, so I just hung out there for a while and listened to the Republicans laugh and make jokes Democrats (had a free drink too). Taiwanese class was good. After class I stopped in at Alleycat’s again to say hi and bye, then it was off to the crib (on the back of okami’s 125cc stallion).

Somewhere in between all that I called I Ping and found out my package was delivered (GTA: SA and the SP movie player). I haven’t even cracked the plastic yet (and won’t until tomorrow). I’ve decided I’m going to make 2 more categories (you can see those on the right side). One for books and one for flashbacks. On days I don’t have much to say, I’ll just write some old flashback story (maybe). Maybe I’ll add a Dream category too just for those wild ones.

OK, I’ve bored you enough.

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