No time again

I really want to get those pictures and the mobile blogamajig hooked up but it’ll have to wait a day or three. This morning me and Brian went for a bike ride around a place where 3 rivers meet, so we had to do a lot of bridge crossing. A saw another piece to my “Where does all the Taiwan trash go?” puzzle today (the first being an incinerator). We rode by a dump that was right next to the river and some gardens (perfect placement eh?) Total ride distance today was 45 Kilometers.

After I got back from the ride I only had about 45 minutes to shower and mess around on the computer, then it was off to Game Club. Four of us arrived early and we started a game of Settlers with the knights expansion pack. That game ate up all of my game club time. Nice turn out at GC today, some new and old faces. When we finally finished, it was time for me to meet the wife for dinner with the family who had just got back from yesterday’s trip to Jia Yi. I’m retiring from Settlers of Catan for a few weeks. Dinner was good and it was back to the house.

A friend at game club let me borrow some Mobile Computing magazines (there pretty good, made me laugh out loud a few times), a book on Neanderthals (we were talking about them last week) and gave me some South Park episodes on VHS (woo hoo!)

Tomorrow’s a work day so I’ll have time to get my stuff up-to-miltowndate. I’m planning on getting a laptop soon so give me suggestion if you have any. All I want is WiFi and bluetooth, everything else is optional (DVD, CDRW, you know, things like that). I just want to use it for light Interneting via phone, browsing via WiFi and messing with my web page stuff.

OK, done for now.

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