Long day today

Well it feels like it now anyway.

Today we had a Halloween thing at school today and I had my 100NT (under $3 US) costume on. It consisted of a painted on beard and a rhinestone cowboy hat. The Halloween event made class really easy because we had an activity in the morning, trick-or-treated a little bit, they ate breakfast and went to gym class afterwards. I had about 15 minutes to do something after that (I just read a book). Right when I finished reading a kid barfed all over and I caught some splashage on a sock. Pictures will be coming.

After that I met someone for lunch, went to I Ping’s office to show her my lame costume (she liked it), then it was back to the school to pick up the monthly wages. Relaxed at home for a bit, then it was back to I Ping’s office (I was meeting her to get my new phone). After we did a delivery for her friends company we went and got the phone stuff straightened out. She used an expired driver’s license when signing up so she had to go get a different ID. While she did that I wondered around (we were at Nova, it’s this electronics mall). She came back. I got the phone (the T610, the mobile blog will be up soon). Then we went to her brother’s house to show him something. Then finally back home.

Somewhere in between all of that I picked up 2 gaming magazines in Chinese and while flipping through one of them I saw an article about WinBack (OH YEAH!) I be sure to translate and post it.

Tomorrow should be a picture posting slap happy day. Ah yes, there’s some kind of tournament going on tomorrow (UFC style) and I’ll be checking that out and bring back pics. Now it’s off to beauty rest.

I started a thread on forumosa about firefox extensions. Someone might want to peep that one.

Almost forgot. Finished reading Da Vinci Code. Will write about that tomorrow.

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