This is a quicky before betime post. I met up with a guy today for a game of Go. It ended up being quite an adventure. I forgot where to meet him so I tried to find an Internet cafe so I could check his message. I didn’t find one and ended up waiting at the wrong subway station. After about a 45 minute wait I decided to go back home (he had my cell number, but I didn’t have his). Then he called me after I went 2 stops on the MRT and told me where to meet him. Finally met him and it was off to dinner at a Cantonese place. After dinner we went to the Witches House, but got kicked out (kind of) because there were going to be having a preformance and preformances meant no gaming. Then we went looking for another place, didn’t find it and decided to play in a coffe shop (it was almost 10:00pm now and we were suppose to meet at 7). We got kicked out of there around 11:10 and played on the sidewalk for a while, but then we ended up not finishing so we could both catch the subway home. It was a good game and the first time I played on a full board with a person (live or online).

Looking forward to my next match. I get my new phone tomorrow and will be sure to post about it.

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