Crusty Wizard Daily Will Be Back

Now that I know my one reader has her Internet connection working again (my mom, in case she couldn’t guess it was her). Funny, I just realized I didn’t play RO once today. I didn’t play the PS2 either. I better go see a doctor or something.

Let’s see, not much to talk about. Our Taiwanese study group had it’s first meeting yesterday and I feel that went well. Starting to study Taiwanese (actually, just thinking about studying Taiwanese) excited my language nerve so now I’m studying Mandarin again more seriously. I have a strong feeling I’ll pick up Taiwanese pretty quickly (conversational), we’ll see.

Last Friday, Saturday and a few days this week I did telephone tests with my students. That was pretty cool. They all did really well except for 2 kids and those 2 are catching up quickly. I also ending up getting into rather lengthy conversations with those two kids parents about how they are in class and things. My Mandarin has been decent for a while, but I didn’t think I could get along on the phone so well using only Mandarin *miltownkid pats himself on the back*.

The principal of the Elementary school gave me a third year Mandarin book and I like that much better then the books I’ve used before. It’s much more fun reading these short stories then boring dialogs in normal Chinese learning text books. I think I’ll work my way all the way through those up to high school stuff.

We’ll be having another KTV outing next month and I plan on singing at least one song in Mandarin and one in Taiwanese. And get both of them up on the site right away a long with pictures. My new PS2 game should be coming next week (hooray). I guess that’s about it for now. I best get back to study.

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