Happy Days Are Here Again

They have Strikers: 1945 back at the arcade. Good times. I’ve been a little lax on the blogging, but not much to report. KTV was good, but I took no pictures and recored no sounds, maybe next time. I spoke with “Smokin'” Joe W. this week. That was a good time as usual. He’s saying he wants to visit this year as long as we stay SARS free (that’s what stopped him last time).

I blew the dust off y PS2 and pulled out GTA: Vice City to get prepared for GTA: San Andreas (thanks to Jobnumber for updating me). I ordered that and a movie player for the GBA (that can also play NES games, use ebooks and do some other things) from Lik-Sang.com (your Hong Kong video game export specialist.) I payed for the speedy shipping too (I’m such a kid) so I should get me stuff before the end of the month (E Bro, you might have to wait for the DS to come out before I send the GBA, but your records are still on the way).

I got pictures from last weekend’s bike ride to put up. I’ll try to do that tomorrow.

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