I’ve been promoted

I got promoted to moderator over at forumosa.com. It’s just for the classified forums though (the way I like it). I’ll just keep titles looking good and posts in the right place.

My school asked me to work in the afternoons to teach 8 gym classes and 2 English classes. I said yeah to that. It’ll just help me get a laptop that sooner then expected and give me something else to do with all the free time I have.

I burned a disk with Mandarin learning stuff on it and listened to it while I rode today. That worked out nice. I think I’ll go through 2-4 lessons a day until I start getting to the harder stuff. I also stopped and went through the taiji form a few times during my ride. That felt good. I’m pretty sure riding and taiji’ing will be daily events.

Not much else to report. I should be doing to more updates to the webpage soon. I plan on making the wiki the Main page and messing with the templates a little bit.

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