The “I haven’t ridden a bike for 2 years butt pain blues…”

And I really have them too. Man, yesterdays ride was so cool. I was only out for a couple of hours, but I saw so much stuff. I started in YongHe and went along the river bike path up to BanQiao. Let me think, what did I see…

  • Some Taiwanese mafiosoness (that wasn’t on the bike path)
  • Radio controlled airplanes and a mini track for radio controlled cars (and one person racing on it, there were about 7 planes in the air)
  • Numerous stray dogs and I little puppy I ended up giving 85% of my water to.
  • An archery range
  • A snake (that attacked me, I felt like I was in Anaconda 2 for a second)
  • and bunch of scenic views

Today I spent all my time after class looking for the AC adaptor for my CD player, but didn’t find it (but ended up cleaning my computer room in the process). Since I couldn’t find it I hopped on the MRT to Taipei Main Station and picked up a new one. That messed up my bike riding time for today, but tomorrow I’ll get to listen to my Mandarin learning CD’s while I ride.


It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s Superma… Wait wait. No, it’s just a plane.


GO SPEED RACER GO!! You can see the car on the right side turning the corner. The guy is in the background on the stands.

Some guys playing roller hockey.

I think I might roll around with Scooby Snacks from now on. He was whining and stuff, I felt so bad. At least I could give him some water, he seemed to enjoy that (that’s water next to him, he drank out of my hand.)

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