Pictures Pages Picture Pages!

Anybody remember that old Bill Cosby show (or segment I guess I should say). With that pen that went beebeldybeebeldybeedeli bop. I sooooo wished I could’ve had a pen like that.

Well, I got a bunch of pictures up today like I said I would (did I say I would?) Having the bike sitting out on the porch looking all shiny and new persuaded me to stop playing RO, post and go ride (I’m posting now, the riding part comes in a little later). I think this is the first time I’ve ever posted something before 10 PM. My posts are usually a little rushed because I need to go to bed, or want to play RO some more.

I’ll stop writing here and just fill in some captions for the pictures. Enjoy!

You can do it! Lift the freaking bottle! (this is the picture of that carny game I was talking about earlier)

My bike in Alan’s Mountain Bike shop. I like the way the flash made all the reflectors light up.

My bike in Alan’s Mountain Bike shop.

These are all picture I took on the ride home:

On the ride home I just crossed a bridge and follow a path that went alongside the river.

I took this one because there was a soccer (football) field in the back ground, with goals! The field I’ve been playing on just had the American football goals posts so I’d have to do a lot of running around to practice shooting.

Some old guys playing tug-o’-war under a bridge.

Some gardens. You can see the Taipei 101 in the back (currently the worlds tallest building I believe). Note: I was right. Taipei 101 will hold 3 of the World’s Tallest Building titles when it is topped out: Tallest to structural top, Tallest to roof and Highest occupied floor.

More gardens.

I think this is a driver’s training course or something, I’ll have to ask next time. There were about three people out driving around. It looked pretty funny for some reason.

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