Rolling with the hommies

Well, got the bike now. I only rode from the store home today, but I already feel like I’ve been invited to a new Taipei. The ride home showed me all kinds of stuff I never see taking the subway and staying on main roads everyday. I stayed up late trying to find a better host for so I didn’t get my pictures and stuff read. I’ll get those posted tomorrow. It’ll be the bike, accessories and some random shots I took on the way home.

Mom, you’ll be happy to know I bought a helmet today and I also got a bag that attaches to the front (and can de-attach to make a cool Pat (I never knew Pat had a movie) style fanny pack) to put my PDS, phone, camera and wallet into. Another KTV expidition is planned for this Saturday. I’ll get pictures and sounds up faster this time.

I’m not gonna run a spell check today. So if you find any spelling errors, keep them (stolen from Rascal)

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