DDR Freak

Well, played a bootleg one anyway (For those unfamiliar with DDR click here). I had a crowd and everything today. I felt just like a (miltown) kid again. This was after another Sunday session of Game Clubbin’. Today me and Geoff (I hope I spelled that right) played some WeiQi (or Go) and that was right nice. We (5 of us) also had a couple games of poker after that.

The morning was filled with the usual day’s nonsense. Playing RO with Will and John (and a dash of Nicky). After we (a group of us from the GC) left the arcade in Shilin we saw one of those carny type games (it was #5 on that page, careful, link has pop ups). We watched the carny dude lift the bottle twice in a row and my friend said he “knew” how to do it. I told my friend that I’d buy whatever he won for 500NT (to get him to play so we could all witness his bottle raising skill). Well, he flopped. I took a picture, but my battery died right after. I’ll have to post it tomorrow.

OK, off to sleep.

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