Just another day

Let’s see… Yesterday I had some Indian food at Andy’s new restaurant (he just opened it 3 weeks ago). I had this chicken dish and tomato soup that was good. Andy was a friend from my first job at Idear.

Today (after playing RO of course) I met Paul to go bike shopping. We went to a store where he knew the owner. He said he bought the first 2 bikes he (Alan) ever sold there. I ended up getting a cheap Giant with medal petals, a computer (for speed, distance, time, etc.), water bottle and holder and lock (that attaches to the frame as well) for around $130 US. I didn’t take it home today because it was raining, but plan on picking it up Monday. I plan on picking up a helmet as well.

After that I met I Ping at a hospital for women who’ve recently had a baby (what ever you’d call that) to see my new niece (I forgot to mention I have a new niece huh?). In Taiwan, when a woman has a child they get to just chill out for a month to recover. After that me, I Ping, her mom, brother and niece #1 (Irene) went out to eat (and I had some really good sweet and sour soup).

If you look at the Diplomacy blog, you’ll see that England attacked me. He said it was a mistake (likely story). It also looks like I’ve helped convince forumosa.com to start a wiki (I mad a fake forumosa.com wiki in my wiki). That’ll be cool. I’m investigating digital video cameras now so I can start posting movies. That might not be for a while though. We’ll see.

Mom, don’t forget to tell Dave about the bike. He should like that. I’ll post a picture of it next week after I pick it up (won’t that be exciting).

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