Man On Fire

Just got home from seeing Man On Fire and came away feeling like it was money well spent. I thought the movie flowed nicely and there was never any spots that made me bored or have any other not-so-good feelings about the movie. Actually, I was just planning on staying home today messing with the internet and watching movies, but someone got me out of the house to attend a meeting of some sort (with free beer as an incentive, mom, I only had one). I met another Forumosan friend there and he planned on seeing a movie with yet someone else from the site. So, after the meeting we all met at Warner Cinema and peeped the flick.

Other things I got done today were setting up a blog for our game of Diplomacy. Have a look if you’re interested in playing or curious. I also started a yahoo group for “The Game Club” (dum dum duuuuuuummmm!!!) We’re already up to 1 members. And finally I started work on that wiki I want to setup. I asked for recommendations over on and decided to use PmWiki. That should be fully setup soon. I had to contact my host’s tech support to change some settings to get it to work.

What the hay! I’ll even post a KTV song (“hold back all the 14 year old girls”) and just leave it in wav format. The quality isn’t so good since it was recorded with my Palm, but it’s better then nothing. It’s the miltownkid rendition of “I Believe I Can Fly” (it took a while to find a site with no pop-ups). I’d be shocked if you could sit through the whole song (I can’t).

I will watch Ong Bak (best site I could find) tomorrow.

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