Simple Living

Yesterday mooring I was thinking to myself “Gee, I’d like to master the art of simple living” (what ever that means. Then before I went to sleep last night I decided click the stumble button (which is a pretty cool program) and I happened to stumble upon this site (simple I’ve only read through a few pages of it’s material, but it seems like a pretty cool site. I’ll let you know what I get out of it.

Met Paul today. He showed me some new dictionaries for the Palm (that I’ll be getting) and a new digital video recorder he got (now I’ll need to get one too). We talked about a bunch of stuff. How much Bush sucks, jacked up things about the US, China reclaiming Taiwan sooner (not later) and making money off the web somehow to name a few things. I drank an Ice Moca Coffee thing (I very rarely drink coffee) and had this peta beef sandwich. Both were good. This was from a place called Doutor Coffee (I pronounced it Dooter/ur).

Before I went and had coffee I got a nice surprise. I went to play my daily game of Striker: 1945 and when I got my change this guy says “It’s your vacation huh?” (in Chinese, I thinks he’s the owner) and I nod and smile. After I’m playing for a few minutes he comes by and gives me an extra 40NT (that equals 8 more games). I say thanks and decide to try and beat the game. I did alright, but got crushed on the eighth stage (what’s up with the spelling of “eighth”, what’s that G all about?)

I never told I sent them, but I got my replies from Sony and Nintendo today (just asked some general questions). They both said they couldn’t help me and directed me to another site so I could get the contact info for Taiwan (except the Sony reps gave me the European site to find the Taiwan site. Someone needs help with geography). Nintendo’s Taiwan contact didn’t have a phone number or website listed. Just an address. So I’ll be footin’ it up there this week camera in hand. I’ll post the emails I got from them tomorrow just for the fun of it.

I also played RO and read some Harry Potter (like I do everyday).

That about does it. Later.

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