Keeping track

I heard about this site a while ago, but I just started using it today. let’s you us the RSS feeds that most blogs have to notify you when someone posts a new blog. That way you don’t have to check everyday (and get disappointed when there’s nothing there).

I’ll be seeing Paul tomorrow (some of you may remember him from the “Sharing” and “May I go to the bathroom” skits).

Nothing very noteworthy happened today. Played a bunch of RO and read the Harry Potter book mostly. I did find out that Nintendo’s new handle held (the Gameboy DS) is coming out soon. I’m actually mildly excited about that (I rarely get excited anymore, unless it’s over something simple like a foot long worm). I also received the link to those Chen style Taiji movies (for your viewing pleasure). I’ve only watched the 2 push hands movies on the bottom thus far (I really liked the first one). I’ll check the rest of them out sooner or later.

Here a week has gone by with no clips or new pictures from KTV. Well, I doubt anybody was REALLY looking forward to them. I still have them and they’ll still be coming.

’till next time.

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