Watch out now. Get money get money.

I thought I’d post those RO pictures I was talking about so long ago. I’ll get the rest of the KTV stuff up soon. A sat through an on line Ragnarok Online wedding today. Playing this game has got me wondering what direction online communities will go in in the future. It fun playing around in that virtual world and I can only see them (virtual worlds) getting more complex and involving.

After the wedding they had an after party and the summoned some MVPs (bosses). My level was too low so I just died right away, but it was fun to watch (that’s what the last pictures are). The first picture is just a bunch of bears (with me rolling on my peco peco in the middle of the screen). I thought it looked cool.

I have a separate title for each picture, I’ll have to figure out a better way to post a lot of pictures.

I plan on commenting on one random blog per day. It’s kind of fun. One more miltownkid has joined the list of bloggers, oldsofty. Someone might be giving me a round trip ticket to Korea, I hope that happens. I’ll be buying a bicycle next week, looking forward to that. Ah, and in Diplomacy I’m France. I also found out Hinet has 12MB/1MB DSL. I might have to see if I’m in range for that.

I’ll get those KTV MP3z and pictures up soon. Probably tomorrow. It’d be too much if I posted them today.


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