Before I post and pictures or songs, let me get caught up. Friday night I went to sing KTV (that’s karaoke TV, it’s where you sing songs and the worlds go across the screen). That was a good time. I got to meet a lot of new people that post over on Saturday morning I had a parent teacher thing, where I had to talk about how I was going to be teaching the class (and I was a wee bit “tired” from the night before). Then the rest of Saturday was spent helping I Ping do deliveries. Sunday I got up and played RO. Went to GameClub. And after Game Club I played the Taiwaneser bootleg DDR (Dance Dance Revolution) because they didn’t have the real one anymore (when I first arrived I refused to play it). Me and a GameClub buddy also played some air hockey on what must have been close to the world crappiest tables. The put went flying off the table over 10 times (probably close to 20). That did make the game a little more exciting though (I even got popped in the nose once).

Monday I woke up late because (I found out a 7:00pm) that I set my alarm clock to go off at the wrong time. But I wasn’t late for school. At school they have highschool students that help (from like a sister school or something) and one of them must have saw me playing (the bootleg) DDR because they all asked me if I was in ShiLin last night playing video games with a friend.

Class was nice today because we had a clay class today, so I got to make a clay ladybug (maybe a pic will come, who knows). Then I went home, played a bunch of RO (after my daily game of Strikers: 1945 of course), ate dinner and started writing this. Now I’m all caught up.

I’ll post again before sleeping.

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