What started as a normal day; wake up, check email, shower and school. Turned into adventure into unseen areas of Taipei.

After eating lunch and messing around on the computer I remembered I had an appointment today. I was an actor in a small sketch about viruses in Taiwan (or something). The story was about the first (reported?) HIV case in Taiwan. I guess it was from an American doctor that contracted it in Kuwait (yeah, I’m confused too). I got to play 2 parts. First I was a doctor that walked by and waved at the sick American doctor (played by my British fried Juba) as he walked to a bath coughing and looking sickly. Then I played another (Kuwaiti) doctor that sees the sickly American looking in the mirror at a bunch of blotches on his neck, so I walk in to take a look. After a short dialog asking him what’s wrong I suggest he sees Dr. Hussein (Juba and I got to choose the name). There were a couple of scenes after that as well, but I wasn’t in them (so they’re no import 😉 ). This whole thing was filmed at the infamous HePing Hospital. He said he’d get me a copy of this and when he does I’ll put online for download.

Afterwards Juba took me on a short walking tour. First we visited a book store that had a lot of language learning materials (which is nice to know about). Then we stopped at Hostelling International Taipei. And after that he treated me to dinner at a vegetarian restaurant on the second floor of Taipei Train station. When we finished eating we did a lap around the 2nd floor and looked at all of the stores there. He told me that area has turned into a migrant worker hang out spot, so they had some interesting stores.

Then I made my way home checked, did emailing and wrote this.

The forumosa game of Diplomacy starts next week. This is going to be sweet.

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