We played our test game of Diplomacy today and it went really well. We’ll have the online game setup soon and I’ll post links to that soon enough. My RO playing has slowed down a little, but I still spent a good amount of time playing it. I finished Harry Potter Book 3 last night and started 4 today. Book 3 was my favorite one so far and I really liked the way book 4 has started. I’ll compare 3 with the movie as soon as I can. I still remember the movie fairly well and I think they did a good job with the converting. This book had a lot of really cool extra details about the new characters (and old). It’s late so I’ll stop here. My scrabble streak ended :(.

Check out http://www.miltownkids.com. I’m gonna make a real quick page right now with MS Word. It should be TIGHT!

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