JOBNUMBER joins us

Brother Pawn has started his blog as well now. You can see his at It won’t be there for long though. Soon it will move to Today was good. We had an exercise class at school today. I took some pictures of the students, I’ll post those tomorrow.

I swore I had something to say, but it’s all gone now. Too much video gaming I guess. I must say that game is really addicting.

Man, I’m blank right now. I’m chatting with someone on MSN so my mind is elsewhere.

Will’s going to start a blog too. Soon we’ll have the whole Miltown Crew blogging. Wouldn’t that be nifty. The KTV has a date of next Friday now and we’re going to have a game of Diplomacy this Sunday. I’m kicking ass in RO. A level 63 Knight now. Expect a bunch of pictures tomorrow.

Oh yeah, there’s one thing I wanted to say. Life just got a little better for me. The arcade (sort of place) down the street re-opened (they closed because of police problems or something) and they have Raiden and Strikers: 1945. Oh Yeah!

I’ll post pictures tomorrow. G’night.

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