Gazed and gazed but little thought…

is what’s written on that can of papaya juice in front of my screen. The warning on the Tekken character’s box says:


COOKING HAZARD-Melting parts.

Not for eat under 900years.

If someone wanted it I could get a close up of both translation boo boo’s. Well, the gazed and gazed but little thought might mean something. I’ve thought about it a while. It seems like some kind of Zen quote.

On screen is a picture of that game I’m playing. You can look forward to me taking some (action packed!!) in-game screen shots for your viewing pleasure. Under the can and toys is my Dvorak key layout picture. I don’t need it anymore, but it doesn’t seem to want to go anywhere.

I (kind of) cut back the playing hours of RO (which is good). Now I have a merchant, so I can just sit down somewhere and sell stuff (as seen in the picture). I can play in my sleep!

A few of us are trying to organize a game of Diplomacy. I meant to get a face-to-face game started, but it looks like we’re going to get an email game going too.

The run didn’t happen today, rain (yeah right). I’m a little sore from those push (how sad). The next 2 days at school should be nice and relaxed. Tomorrow we have a music class (not taught by me) and Friday an exercise class (I’ll also just be participating).

That seems like enough for today.

By the way. I bought those Tekken character’s special for my buddies Rbrnr and JOBNUMBER (featured in that other post).

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