I was in bed and remembered that I didn’t blog today. Let’s see… Played RO of course. I’m a knight now and get to run around sitting on a bird. Isn’t that great. School was good. I do still have to see the acupuncturest. I went today and it felt like I was there about 5 minutes. He had me lie down, then he kind of massaged my back. After that he pulled out this bell thing and started hitting it and I fell right asleep. Then he woke me up and did t again and then it was over (well, he did some stuff before and after that like check my neck and things).

I uploaded the scrabble picture, but I’m not sure if it will show. It doesn’t show in the preview window. I might have to edit this post after I post it (I don’t know why I wrote that, no one will notice me change anything).

I’d like to point out that in the scrabble picture “thorny” was “horny” first (and no, I didn’t spell that). The weird square thing I was talking about is on the left side of the board. I think it looks cool.

I’m still practicing Dvorak, but I haven’t been doing all my posting with it. Now I want to investigate other alternative input devices. Keyboards seem so 1970’s.

Man the spell check on this site really sucks (

OK, I have to add the link manually. What I did didn’t work.

Yesterdays scrabble game. (53.3KB)

Fixin’ electrical poles Taiwan style.
This one was shot off me balcony a while back. There was nothing else better to do since the power was out. (357KB)

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