Today was a nice day. Woke up early and played RO. I talked to John for a while. Spoke to Marcus briefly (and he was a tad on the tipsy side at the time). I Ping’s Mom came by today and we played a few games of Chinese chess. She won twice and I won once. Then we went to eat at the same Thai place we ate before (I got the name card this time). Thai Town Cuisine. The food was once again good. After that I went home and relaxed for a bit. Then it was off to game club.

I had another lucky game of scrabble (I won). I took a picture of the finished board because there was a strange spot in it where we made this square block that formed words. You’ll have to see what I mean (not today though, too lazy).

Well, I’m gonna go to bed at a respectable time tonight (like I should every night). I’ll get that pic posted tomorrow. I’m still reading that Harry Potter book. I just got caught up with my new game. I’m about half way into it now. I’ve said it three times, but I’ll say it again. Reading books IS much more fun (educational, better) then movies/TV. I actually watch less then a half an hour of TV a day now. In the past I’d watch 3 or four movies a day (talk about zoning out).

Enough blabber.

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