I did go to KTV today, but I forgot to bring my camera (doah!). I’ll be sure to bring it next time. Next time should be better anyway because they’ll be more people (I’m trying to get a group together from Forumaso.com). Let me see, what were some of the songs I sang… I want to rock with you (MJ), My Way (Franky), End of the Road (Boyz2Men) and some other songs. I think I record a song or to and post them in MP3 format. Those would be funny.

I added a profile last night in case you didn’t notice. Check it out if you feel inclined to do so. E bro may join the ranks of bloggers. I hope that materializes. Smokin’ Joe Frazier called me this morning nice and early. It was cool talking to him. He said he might make a trip over here sometime this year. Marcus said he might come some time soon too (did I say that already).

I played a lot of Ragnarok Online (this link is better then the last, you can see what the games like and even try it if you want to) today. I still don’t know what my mission is (I think it’s because I’m playing on a hacked version of it) and it’s still fun.

Because I failed to get pics of the KTV place I’ll have to give you guys a substitute.

Here’s me looking retarded with a monkey (I mean no offensive to retarded people, it’s just an expression).

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