A New Game

I like this RO game, we’ll see how long it lasts until I get tired of it. The strange thing is I don’t really even know what the point of it is. You just go around beating stuff up, buying stuff and getting stronger. But it ends up being a whoop ass good time.

I sold a set of Ax’s Squabble Cards [Note: Not the original link] (he has another site, but it’s down right now, this site is one he made a long time ago and put in my domain). He gave me all of his cards because he’s going to be moving to Japan soon (tomorrow actually). So now I’m the distributor.

I Ping has bought me a bunch of new clothes for my job. I told her it wasn’t necessary, but she likes having an excuse to buy clothes for me. I must admit that I do like the stuff she picked out though. I even have more then one pair of shorts now.

I spoke to Marcus briefly this morning and I might have convinced him to start a blog. [Update: April 7th, 2013: He’s closer now! Has a domain and a section for blogging.] That would be cool. I plan on taking the borrowed scooter for a joy ride tomorrow, just by the river, I think that’d be fun. Me and I Ping ate at this Thai restaurant (should have grabbed a name card because I forgot the name). The food was really good, but I didn’t eat much because I wasn’t very hungry. School still going good and all seems well.

I have a Gmail account now and if anyone wants one contact me and I’ll send you an invite (I don’t have many left now, but who actually reads this page?). You can reach me through the forum or miltownkid ((((at)))) hotmail dot com. Expect a Gmail review to come one day after I’ve used it for some time.

I finished the Harry Potter 2 movie today and I’ll say it again, as good as the movies seem, they got nothing on the books. I also check Rotten Tomatoes to see if it agreed with my theory (that the movies have been getting progressively better) and it did.

I’m going to play RO for a little while longer, then hit the sack.

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