First Day of School

The first day of school went quite well. I got there about a half hour early, a head teacher (or something) gave me the books I’ll be using, then over an hour and a half went by before I started teaching. I got lucky, no kids crying, throwing up or anything like that. Their level of English is very basic right now and for some of them it was the first time learning English so I started with the “What’s your name”‘s and “My name is”‘s plus some other simple vocabulary. I think this should turn out being a really nice job. I have to be there at 8, start teaching at 9, take a break or 2 (I thought 2 was 1 too many, but I won’t complain) and finish at 11. Pretty nice hours I say.

This might be my last qwerty blog. From reading other people’s experiences I think I’m making the switch to Dvorak. I’ll probably use both for a little while, but I’ll struggle through my blogs with Dvorak from now on. I’ve actually gotten ok using qwerty too. Hmmm… Maybe I’ll do a speed test to see where I stand now. Then I can compare it to Dvorak when I get comfortable with it.

[imagine a pause while I find a website to check my Words Per Minute]

I found a crappy one and looked for something better but didn’t find anything. The score I got was a little over 30 WPM (BLAZIN’!!)

I’ll be posting again tonight so I’ll finish here.

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2 Responses to First Day of School

  1. zmoney682 says:

    why are u switching keyboards?

  2. LaughingLeaf says:

    Wow, looking back at these things is awesome!!

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