Dvorakian Style

I guess I’ll have to wait for a day or 2 before I start writing blogs with the Dvorak key setup. Surprisingly I’m having no trouble switching from one style to the other. The program I posted about in my previous post keeps a log of how long you’ve spent practicing and I haven’t even logged an hour yet. I think after about two or three hours of use I’ll be able to use it casually. When typing in the program I was getting about 20 WPM, but it is a lot more comfortable typing with it (from my limited use).

I haven’t blogged about this, but I’ve been seeing a blind accupuncturist. Today I had my last visit with him, he said I’m back to be healthy again. I just need to continue doing the exercises he taught me. I also got to see him use his computer today. I was suprised that the monitor was on while he was using it. When you looked at the monitor it just had a bunch of garbled text. He had one of those little braille pad things that I first saw on Sneakers. It was pretty neat seeing him use it (but for what I didn’t know).

I had a pizza from Pizza hut for dinner today and I realized I eat those just for filler. They don’t really taste good (or bad). They just make you not hungry.

Finished Harry Potter book 2, started book 3 and will watch the movie tomorrow (part 2).

On to dreamland.

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