The Scrable Master

We played two games of Scrabble at game club today and I think won both (official rules need to be checked). In the first I was helped by my miltown spelling of acquited (notice the missing T for those whose spelling matches my own). By the time someone noticed we were too far into the game to change it. We also played Clue. That was the first time I’ve played that game and I’m really impressed at how fun it is. I think if I played it a couple more times I’d have a full proof system worked out for beating it, but it’d still be fun.

I start the new job tomorrow, I’ll post about how that goes tomorrow. This morning I had to help I Ping move some stuff from her companies office to a warehouse. After I did that I chilled at home for a spell and went to game club. I want to get to bed early tonight, so I’ll finish off here.

‘Till tomorrow.

I just threw my digital camera batteries on the charger (after many a month of non-use), so fresh pic’s should be on the way.

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