A Busy Day at Work with Dank Punk

I saw that Daft Punk movie Intersella 5555 and it was quite nice. You might have been like me and saw a few animated music videos that were suppose to get linked together into a whole movie some years back and it never happened. Well it did. If you like their music you should enjoy this movie. It’s almost like an hour long music video (it plays the whole Discovery album from front to back) but it has a keen story to go along with it. I say CHECK IT!

I saw my (step?) niece today and I’ve been upgraded from being called Ko to Unko (Uncle). It’s really cute when she says it and she gets all excited about it. I’ll have to post a picture of her one of these days. I hung out at I Ping’s brother’s house all day for ghost month stuff. All I did is sleep and read me Harry Potter book (and play with the kiddy of course). I was suppose to eat dinner, but I had to beat feet over to Alleycat’s (the Pizza place) to work.

Today was a really busy day at Alleycat’s. There was a business type meeting going on where people were bouncing ideas around about English teaching, plus all the regular Saturday night customers. I served many a beer, soda, juice, ice tea and ice coffee. I was kept thoroughly busy the whole night. While I was working a guy (James) offered to buy me a beer (so I had one) and when things settled down someone else (that I helped out a bit ago, MapoSquid) also offered to buy me one (so I had two), then I wanted another one (so I had three) and all was well. Alleycat said tonight was one of (if not thee) busiest nights he’s had. When it was time to go home, me and Mapo shared a taxi to Yonghe. We live pretty close to each other so that worked out nicely.

Before I forget, this morning before my day began I went over to Ax’s place to pick up his Chinese Squabble Cards. Since he’s going to Japan he wants me to sell the rest of them for him. So if you’re looking for Chinese Squabble Cards, I’m your man.

It’s late, the Carlsberg has me groggy and I’m tired. Time to hit the sac.

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