New Job and a Chicken Sandwich

Well my interview went well, a big thank you to anyone that wished me luck. The school is only about a 10 minute walk from my apartment. I just showed up, goofed around with the kids for about 15 minutes and left. After chillin’ in the crib for an hour or two I got a call saying I could have the job if I wanted it. I accepted. So I’ll be entering the world of the working again on Monday.

I got to see Paul today, and that was real nice. I haven’t seen him in a long time. We met up at Chili’s near Warner Village. I had a Cajun Chicken Sandwich (that was seriously lacking in Cajuness). We exchanged conversation and jokes (I got to use that Pimp joke in person 🙂 ).

Looks like I’m probably going to sign up for another semester of classes at Shida. The kindergarten I’ll be working at is only in the mornings 8-11 (or 12), so I can still do school in the afternoon of I choose to.

I got a hold of Robonutz today. He’s been busy with work and things (surprise surprise), but he seemed to be doing well. Well, it’s kind of late and I don’t really have much else to say. Keep an eye on [Update: Dead now, was a discussion forum, the latest incarnation is], I plan I putting something there (even better then what’s already there if you can believe that!). OK, I’m going to do some reading and get some sleep.

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2 Responses to New Job and a Chicken Sandwich

  1. Magdalicious says:

    Weird.. all this old shit suddenly showed up on my feed?

    • miltownkid says:

      Odd that it would do that. I’m going back to edit, categorize and fix any broken links for all of my posts. Figured I’d try to knock out about 10 a day. Perhaps there’s a way I can turn that off. I will look into it.

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