First Blog Post

Note: The title of my first blog was “Crusty Wizardry 101”

A big hello to everyone out there in cyber space! This is my first blog posting (that you’ll see, I actually posted some other stuff but it’s since been deleted). If you’re reading this I will assume you as I are on the path to being a crusty wizard so there is no explanation necessary. This first blog will be about a book I’m sure you’ve all heard of “Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s (Philosopher’s) Stone”. You may be ask yourself why philosopher is in (). Well me being a lowly junior crusty wizard didn’t know that in the UK it was originally titled philosophers stone (a level 63 ice maiden had to point that out to me). The version I have is the American English version, so it’s been translated into a language us muggles can understand. So now I bestow this information on to you.

The philosophers stone is also related to alchemy (which the book briefly describes), but I won’t dive into that subject as it has little to do with Crusty Wizardry.

Now I did see the movie of this before I read the it, but that was so long ago and I slept so much that I didn’t recall much of what I read. I now have one chapter to go and I’m on the edge of my seat in suspense wondering if Harry Potter will save the day. I’ll have to see the movie again but I do think it left out many cool and important parts of the story (as I’m sure many book to movie translations do). One of which that comes to mind is the part when Harry is in the forbidden forest looking for the unicorn. My mind painted a vivid mental picture of the cloaked monster with unicorn blood dripping from his face. And of the centaur that helped Harry. I also really liked the conversation the centaurs had with Hagrid.

Hagrid: You see anything strange lately?

Centaur: Mars is really bright today.

Hagrid: Yeah it is, but have seen anything?

Centaur: Mars sure is bright.

I like those spacey kind of answers they gave him. By the time I post again I’ll have finished it and will be able to give it a well rounded review.

I think that’s enough blogging for today.

P.S. I’ll only be a crusty wizard until I’m tired of it, then the theme will change, change, change and change again.

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