Rebirth of miltownkid (ZEE)

I have a bunch of things to say but I’ll say them another day. I just wanted to get this time stamped as posted on Wednesday, August 29th because a lot of interesting things lined up today.

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We Run Osage, Osage Runs Milwaukee, Milwaukee Runs the World

Who are we?

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A Modern Day Opera

I want to thank a “few” people before I start this post. This post is the culmination of thousands of years of blood, sweat and tears. The list of people I’d truly like to thank would fill a book but I’ll try to keep things simple. This is specifically about my affiliation with the Wu-Tang Clan (the hip-hop group) and the Wu-Tang Clan (the group from Wudang Mountain). I, in fact, see no distinction between the two. They are one and the same.”

People to Thank

My mother (a white witch of European decent) and father (an over 9,000 year old black magic practitioner from Africa). Interesting fact about Big Papa. The Chinese government paid for him to go teach his Black Panther organizing skillz back in the day.

My Aunt Merry (a Wu-Tang Wizard) who bought me my first Japanese transformer toy (loved that thing!) and first computer.

Steve my first martial arts instructor (a black belt in the Okinawan karate tradition). He also planted  one of the early seeds of me believing magic was real when he told me about seeing a 10th degree black belt in Japan stir his tea by spinning his finger above the cup.

Akira Toriyama for creating a version of the Monkey King story that I LOVED (Dragon Ball).

Bob who gave my brother a copy of the Daodejing, which I turned into my person Bible.

Grandmaster Yin for establishing the Chinese Kung Fu Center in Milwaukee, where I met Master Calloway (Big Papa 2) and Master Kaye, West Pine, Tao of Twest and Brother Lo.

Master Henry Wang (my taichi teacher)

Everyone who shares my love for Chinese cinema, stories and Anime (Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan, Jet Li).

Jason “Profit” Moffatt. Personal Site | Marketing Site

and Laozi, Buddha, Jesus, Zhangsanfeng, Damo and A-Sun Tzu (cause that’s the level he’s on).

There are so many, many, many more…


If you found this page and you’re reading these words your current life situation is the result of YOUR actions. No one is doing it to you! You are doing it to you! It doesn’t always feel this way but it is the TRUTH.

I’m going to tell you a story. A story about how the MilTownKlan was born. As I tell you this story I want you to think about how… you’re just a story. You’re just like the MilTownKlan. You weren’t and then POOF you were. I want you to understand how far back your story goes and see how it effects “you” now (there is no you, only a story).


This is a POWERFUL image whether you understand why it is powerful or not. Be careful around images. They effect you on a subconscious level.

The MilTownKlan starts with Continue reading

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WAAAAAR!! Who Are We Fighting?

Note: I was going to post this to the MilTownKlan blog, but I could get the embed below to work.

When last left you I told you I needed to retreat in order to advance later. Well… I retreated HARD. I made a lot of things happen during my trip to Taiwan, but I also ended up in a mental hospital there (it’s a fun post to read). Then I took a 6 month break from the internet where I was a depressed video game playing hermit. Then I took a trip to Puerto Rico, had another “manic” episode (I still call it spirit walking) and ended up in another hospital (this time in my mom’s home state of Iowa).

I bounced back from this last episode really quickly (I just got out in late February). I ended up having a brief bit of mania (connection to the spirits) and it got me to apply for a job at Hardee’s (I don’t need the work, but I do need something to do). Anyway, I applied, I got the job, now I shower and shave regularly (something I don’t do in dirty daoist mode).

ANYHOW… Remember that track I said we were working on? It’s a lot closer to being finished now. Here it is! I think I want to shorten the initial hook so it goes:

“I’m gonna-WAAAR” (to jump right into the rapping)

Let us know what you think!

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UFC is Garbage

[Picture of Dragon Ball Z Competition Platform]

Join the real World Martial Art’s Tournament at this year’s

[Picture of Push Hands Platform]

Orlando Kung Fu – Wushu – Tai Chi – Sanda World Championship

I’m accepting all challengers.

Can’t get the pictures to work right now because of these hotel computers. I’ll fix that when I get to Milwaukee.

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I saw this day coming on Nov  6, 2008. I experienced this day in the post below (explained from the point of view of Casey, the video above with Goku (me) was my experience). If I saw this coming 5 years ago, what do you think I see coming now?

We see what we want to see. Feel want we want to feel…

But not really. lol

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A Man of Two Worlds

I figured this could be a pretty kick ass title for a book about my life while on the phone with my home-brother Marcus last night. Figured it would have been taken, and it was, but I’m glad it was taken by Mr. Dune himself. I didn’t realize it (I never do) but I’ve been manic ever since being released from the hospital. That last post was written in true manic form. I just came down from feasting with Titans and drinking with immortals a few days ago and am back to be mild mannered Casey.

I’m going to take a break from internetin’ for a while, but I thought I’d share a glimpse of the second world I hail from. It’s a world with Daoist Wizards, immortals and messages from beyond space and time. The world is much more vibrant here for me in Taiwan as the culture and religions are more “OK” with it (as the following story will show). Maybe when I’m back stateside I’ll use my reduced internetin’ to start writing out some of the better stories from crossing over into that other world. That said this one kind of takes the cake.

Here We Go!

So I’m in the south of Taiwan learning how to organize a taichi push hands competition. I go outside and roughhouse with some of the boys for a while, do some laps with one kid but eventually find myself alone. I lay in the middle of the soccer field like I’ve fallen from the heavens. I get up. It’s time to “Go.” Where? I’m not sure, but I’m not suppose to be here anymore. It’s time for me to step out of Casey and step into some random spirit which fell from the sky or happened to be walking by, I never know. Glasses. Those are for mortals. Lets throw’em in a field of rice. Keys? Mortals need shelter. Lets get rid of those too. BUT, in case I happen to be Casey again, lets set my passport, phone and jacket all nice and neat on this power converter thing. Now UPWARD ONWARD!

This push hands competition was being organized in a largish school and I sneak over a wall separating an small road and a rice field. I wander through the field of rice, creep next to a river for a while, guy on a scooter drives by looking at me, I look back. Keep wondering. A warehouse with barking dogs. Lets investigate. The dogs get calm when I get close. I pet them. What’s in this place? I wander around until I find people. Odd that they don’t react when they see me. Eventually someone asks me why I’m here. I say the dogs called me over. He says he’s going to call the police. That’s fine I say. He drives me to the station instead.

When he drops me off I decide I want to see “the big boss” so I promptly start to walk up the stairs to the top. The cops are telling me I can’t do this. I don’t listen. I was on my way to the third floor is when I finally get physically stopped. They pull me back and I fall backwards “all pro.” I go back to the first floor. This is when things get strange… lol

They’re kind of hovering around me and I yell “SHA! SHA! SHA!” (MURDER! MURDER! MURDER!) waving my arms wildly. They back off. I walk out of the station. No one follows me. Clothes. Who needs them. Lets get rid of everything. Shirt. Belt. Shoes. Pants. Socks. Underwear… Lets be “reasonable” and keep those. Now lets jog in the middle of the street and jump around a bit. What’s that sound? Music? Buddhists? Yes! They’ll be able to help me out.

Strange that I’m in a city but I find myself wading through what seems to be the thickest juggle setting… No matter. Lets find these Buddhists. I find them. They’re on the third floor. I try to explain that I want some simple clothes. They’re not helpful. They tell me I’m in the wrong place and to go. This doesn’t make sense to me. They’re Buddhists! I try to explain my “situation.” The “head guy” comes out and starts getting tough. I barge in to see what they’re praying to. Some name. Not “the Buddha.” Odd… They don’t like that. Now I’m battling the not-Buddhists! I get into this odd fight where I don’t throw any punches, get my throat “crushed” and catch about 5 punches to the face (I come out totally unscathed, either I’m superman, or he was superham). I go to the second floor, see some statue and “pray” to it. Everyone leaves me alone for… a long time.

Cops show up. They leave me alone. Some lady comes and explains that this isn’t a Buddhist temple and I’m like “Oh! My bad!” And leave. I walk for a block or two. Cops still don’t apprehend me. I see a muddy street corner. Looks like a good place for a foreigner in the south of Taiwan in his underwear to meditate. I plop down and start meditating. Now things get really strange. The cops just watch me. Some people show up and watch. Then some lady gives me a jacket, some pants and $30… no no, that won’t be enough for you will it? $60 bucks. Cop car shows up (after they take pictures of course) and I’m in the back with the nicest guy ever.

We get to the police station and I tell them I can call my wife if they let me get on the computer (I don’t have her number memorized). They eventually let me on. I eventually call her. Then I do a lot of waiting (it’s a 3 or 4 hour drive). Before I called her they said “Those Mormons could help him,” and they eventually showed up (right when I got a hold of my wife). I wanted to escape with the Mormons for more adventuring, but that didn’t happen. While I was waiting they fed me. One of the oddest things was when this really big guy showed up with a bunch of shrimp and me and him… ate shrimp, in a police station, in the south of Taiwan. Oh yes, one of the cops took the money I got to get me some sandals (they’re Jeriemy Lin “LINSANITY” sandals, I like them.)

Wife eventually came. I eventually left and… yes yes… That was the first time I ran through the streets of Taiwan. The second time I went “full retard” (as in ditched the undies). But I suppose that will be another story for another day… lol

Stateside Friday

I’ll be back in the states Friday and back at grandma’s Monday or so. I’ve been pretty much hyper connected to the web since the BBS days with blank spots from recovery from manic episodes here and there. I think I need to take a break that is by choice (instead of depressed “force”) and get right with nature. Do gardening. Mess with cows. Build stuff. Get dirty and that whole meatball.

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