We Can Take Milwaukee And Wisconsin

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I apologize for grammatical/spelling/formatting errors. I’ve been “on” almost 24/7 for like 2 weeks. Now I’m chilling. 🙂 Also, watch this.

Who are we?

Anyone who joins forces with the MilTownKlan. Why the MilTownKlan? Because the MilTownKlan has joined forces with:

  • The Wu-Tang Clan
  • The 武當派
  • All religions
  • All political beliefs
  • All races
  • All conscious beings
  • All countries
  • All video gaming platforms
  • All organized “criminals” (Governments, corporations and families)
  • All languages
  • One

All of the intel has been gathered and all of the dominoes have been setup to take Milwaukee and Wisconsin’s government from the the “old guard” (in a chill, nonviolent way). “I” am going to take a “break” from running around IRL for a little while to play some video games, drink some Wizard Juice and get ready for the take over.

How much we take over is totally dependent on “us.” I’M taking a fucking break! If I push too hard, I’ll end up in the hospital again. FUCK THAT!

The Plan

Stop protesting and start organizing to take over. Get the signatures to recall Scott Walker (and that “lieutenant” chick). Find (us friendly) candidates to run for every position in Milwaukee’s upcoming election. Get the signatures needed to put our candidates in office while HUSTLING HARD to secure votes from people before it’s election time.

Honestly, even if we don’t win all of the slots, we win as long as we maintain VIGILANT watch over the candidates and put everything in place for SUPREME transparency.

The Intel

The City of Milwaukee government is extremely weak right now because:

  1. They didn’t see us coming.
  2. They don’t know how to respond to us.

Scott Walker is extremely weak right now because:

  1. He tried to move too fast.
  2. He doesn’t think we can do it..

Use the tools provided by our internet friends to… “run shit.”

If you’re broke, I’d go with team Google. If you go money, I’d go with team Microsoft. I’m team Google right now, but I think I’ll switch to team Microsoft when I get some “money.” lol Money…


City of Milwaukee Elected Officials

Alderman Robert G. Donovan – 8th District Alderman – HIGH PRIORITY – He’s already declared war on us! (Declaring War on African AmericansDeclaring War on Hip Hop)

Alderman Dudzik – 11th DistrictHIGH PRIORITY – Because of his association with Donovan.

Alderman James N. Witkowiak – 12th District AldermanHIGH PRIORITY – Should be eliminated, unless new intel says otherwise.

Alderman Terry L. Witkowski – 13th District Alderman – I’m pretty sure he’s on team us. Awaiting additional intel.

Election Results: http://city.milwaukee.gov/200824877/April12008.htm

Population data suggests that if we mobilize enough of us we would win most of the seats easily.

If there are more alderman that should be added to the list, contact me however you see fit. This post will be finished by November 25th, 2011.

White People: Why We’re Doing This To “You”

I’d like to begin by saying not all White Folks are confused. On the contrary, many of them support our cause. For this reason, people of color, you can’t be running around all angry at all “White” people. If you’re running around all angry at all… anything, you’re not with us (actually, we’ve all already been assimilated, in fact, there is no assimilation, it’s up to “you” to decide if you’d like to wake up or not).

That said a lot of White people are with us, but don’t understand white people of color are so angry with them. And still others don’t pay attention to any of it and… just are the way they were raised (aren’t we all? 🙂 ) Here’s my mom’s family (and me with hair if you wanted to know what that looks like):

I wanted to share a story about my grandpa. I remember him saying one day “Those niggers sure can play basketball can’t they!” I knew “the N word” was suppose to be “bad” but… it didn’t feel bad to me. He was just speaking the way he learned to speak. What he was really saying was “Wow! What is it about people with black skin that allows them to play basketball so well! Isn’t that something?!” See, every time you interact with someone they’re… merely sharing their experience. They’re either telling you they’re scared, hungry, angry, excited, etc. Anyhow… I’m getting off the subject.

“White people” (the ones that still think it’s “us” vs “them”). We’re pissed because you took our (Native American’s) land and brought our (African American) people over here and then tried to claim that it/we were “yours” with laws you brought over from Europe. You thought you were superior because you can only see the physical realm. You weren’t able to perceive the spiritual war you started! Anyhow, this IS NOT “your” land. Your “laws” do not apply to us (or anyone for matter). We’re not fucking stupid!

Anyhow, that said, I LOVE the US! 😀 Even though they’re not our laws, they’re some pretty baller ass laws (well, the simple ones given to us by our founding fathers) once things balance out.

Then there’s another set of White people that think shit is “all good.” What do you mean? Racism and shit has been gone for a long time. Well… Black, White, Alien, Green, Brown, Yellow and whatever the fuck. Watch this shit if you haven’t. Educate yourselves. You won’t be so confused when the people of color take OUR shit back using your rules/laws… lulz.

Come Back For Updates

I’ll be updating this post between now and my birthday so that we have everything we need to launch a successful campaign.

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5 Responses to We Can Take Milwaukee And Wisconsin

  1. Dave says:

    All of the intel has been gathered and all of the dominoes have been setup to take Milwaukee and Wisconsin’s government from the the “old guard” (in a chill, nonviolent way).

    …Yeah, like everything else that OWS has done has been done in a “chill, nonviolent way”. Read the news. Only someone who hasn’t been paying attention can say that with a straight face.

    “I” am going to take a “break” from running around IRL for a little while to play some video games, drink some Wizard Juice and get ready for the take over.

    Yeah, you sound like somebody from Occupy Wall Street. No job. No contribution to society. Taking a break from complaining about people who have jobs, careers, families and have worked for what they have to play some video games? Get off the couch and do something.

  2. miltownmom says:

    Sounds like you need to take a break. Don’t be so hard on the Occupy Wall Street movement. It’s the one movement focusing the discussion on how gradually laws and policies have shifted over time to move wealth created by most of us to the few who control us. Income disparity isn’t because some people are just too lazy to work for what they’ve got. For example, when leaders of both parties put Monsanto people in charge of regulating problems caused by Monsanto products, the only way to change that is building a movement.

  3. Grandma says:


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