So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish

I thought it might be time for miltownkid to take a break from videoing and writing for a little while. After discussing the thought with a couple close friends they agreed. I should be back in a couple months. šŸ™‚

I’m going to share two things with you. The first, writing is magik. I noticed this some years back when I started journaling regularly. With practically no planning, just the writing of an idea, I would get exactly what I wanted. It wouldn’t happen over night, but if I was patient and kept focus, I’d get want I wanted. Writing more regularly + planning makes it (the magik) happen even faster.

The second thing I’m going to share with you is my “proof.” This is an email I sent Steve Glynn December 6th, 2007 after attending my first Spreenkler meetup. Maybe I’ll post my next video on the 4 year anniversary. šŸ™‚ I just reread this email for the first time since writing it last week.

Hey Steve,

Hope I didn’t ramble too much and I hope it makes some kind of sense. Now, after writing this, I’m inspired to organize my thoughts a bit more on paper.

Again, I want to say that was a great meetup. And I also need to apologize for not taking care of my portion of the bill. I didn’t know that they added my stuff to the group bill until after everyone was gone and I asked to pay my bill. šŸ˜›

I have quite a lot of ideas. I’m just going to let them flow from my finger tips and see how it all comes out. I’ll try to stay as coherent as possible. šŸ™‚

I am miltownkid. It’s a name I started perhaps 8 years ago. It’s the only identity I use online. One thing I want to do with that identity is turn it into some kind of image/brand. Lately, I’ve been telling myself “I’m going to put Milwaukee back on the map.” I pretty much want to be Milwaukee’s “mascot.” I have a Youtube Channel that is getting more and more popular each day.

I wasn’t expecting the Youtube “success,” it just kind of happened. I do a lot of things on my channel, but one thing I’d REALLY like to do is showcase Milwaukee area businesses (that I like for whatever reason, cool owner, cool product, etc.) My current demographic of subscribers are probably something like 14-28 or so from all over the world. I’d like to start getting people from Milwaukee to subscribe and make it a more interactive experience. People would see me on the street and say “Hey, there’s miltownkid” or something like that. Also I would say “Hey, I’m going to be at this event” then people would show up and get on camera and whatnot. I guess I’d one day like to be an online/off-line/on TV/in Print personality.

I also would like to start making “Educational” DVDs/online movies/books whatever. But entertaining educational stuff. I want to make Economics, learning languages, math, etc. cool and fun (because it is cool and fun šŸ™‚ .) [Note: I purchased to do a Milwaukee version of Khan Academy a few weeks ago…]

I’d like to make a Taiji pushhands instructional DVD, to market. (I’m jumping around…) [Note: I’m regularly blogging on Black Horse Tai Chi right now and will produce DVDs in due time.]

Basically I have a vision of my company “emKid Creative” with a headquaters in downtown Milwaukee. The company would just come up with innovative stuff and make it happen. I want to create this highly profitable vehicle so I can invest it in my community, invest it in new companies and invest it in new talent (all in and from Milwaukee.)

I would like to find markets and then develop products for those markets (markets I know and understand.) I want to make things happen “online” for the most part, so basically I’d develop a product, have an online store, when people ordered it everything would be pretty automatic (order placed and fulfilled without me doing much of anything.)

OK, I’m just going to focus on one thing. Marketing/Branding

I would like to become someone that many people (of a certain demographic) come to trust for opinions on things. I would then like to use that to “cross market” different products (is that the right term?)

For example, I went to Milwaukee’s Shag (a T-Shirt place) to get a T-Shirt printed. I made a video about it and it’s pretty cool (I’ll add the link after this.) Wouldn’t it be even cooler if I worked with them so they were making my shirts and all that stuff and I wore the shirts they made for me and other shirts they made in my videos and stuff, and made some kind of connection that way? I know I don’t really have a really “critical” amount of subscribers just yet, but if I ever get there I want to be ready with a plan and stuff. Plus, my younger subscribers will age (and I’ll get new ones) and as they get older (out of college and working) they’ll have more money to spend on stuff to make them cool and smarter and stuff.

Anyhow, I think Youtube is an awesome place for a lot of things. You get instant feedback on stuff. The subscribers get to be a part of the video making process (through suggestions and video requests.) It’s a very interactive experience. With HD TVs and more and more people connecting their computer to the TVs, I believe this kind of format is going to be another kind of “TV” (on a much larger scale than it is even right now.) I know Youtube has the advertisements in the sidebar and ontop of videos, but I think “product placement” would be even cooler. I’ll never forget the time I made a video with some Heinekens in it and the next day I had two people tell me about how they had to go out and buy some Heineken after that. Now I’m always sure to only showcase Miller or Lake Front Brewery beers in my videos. I’m also conscious about the clothes I wear, etc.

Wow, this looks like a big jumble of stuff. I’ve never really tried explaining any of this to anyone else, so maybe it’s not too bad for a first attempt. šŸ™‚ All this is scattered througout my notebook.

Looking forward to the next meeting and your feedback,


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3 Responses to So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish

  1. miltownmom says:

    There’s power in focusing on what you really want. You know what they say, be careful what you wish for, because you just might get it. I’m glad you’re paying attention to what you really want.

  2. Tyler says:

    I can attest to this, but so far it’s only worked for material possessions. And it didn’t take any effort, I literally made a list of stuff I wanted with no title, and one by one they’d all show up (or if they were related, they showed up at the same time). Now if only I could get this working for “Do” or “Be” goals, instead of “Have”. šŸ˜‰

    I completely support your decision to remove yourself from the online world. I’m not at the stage of my life where I can post amazing blog posts every week, have a positive online influence on people, and all the while feel fulfilled and focused at the same time. It just doesn’t happen. Sometimes you need to do a Walden and remove yourself from popular life. Or something like that. šŸ˜›


    • miltownkid says:

      Busting a Walden. šŸ™‚ lol It’s been working for the “do”/”be” goals as well. I think the tricky thing about those is getting them clearly defined so your mind can do the work.

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