If Someone Doesn’t Pay, They Don’t Pay Attention – I Love Marketing

This is totally unedited. Enjoy!

I’ll write that again:

If someone doesn’t pay, they don’t pay attention. – Joe Polish

It’s funny. I’d like to give away “the secret” for free but… you can’t. It’s almost like we’ve been conditioned to pay for it. Or perhaps it’s a requirement to getting “it.” I’d like to add that paying with money isn’t enough, time and dedication is also a requirement.

In this blog post I ramble. I do the same in this video (for about an hour):
The video is still uploading. If you want to see it check my channel for video #42 (it’ll be listed on the right hand side under the moderation box, scroll down).

There’s something interesting about video and text and… perhaps this is what makes the long form sales letters work. Actually… this must be what makes long form sales letters work. Someone looking to get rid of some sort of pain will be willing to read any and everything about it in hopes of finding that one solution. Then, if the long form sales letter/video is masterfully done (mine certainly is not), it will have informed said prospect (along with some other things) and convinced them that the product/service they’re reading about is THEE product or service they need. Hopefully the person who has masterfully put everything together is an authentic, cool dude who REALLY wants to help people (the problem is that there are so many people using these “tips and tricks” to help their pockets get larger). It’s the charlatans who have made me wary of becoming a sales person and selling anything for so long. When I used to think about a salesperson and selling I almost immediately thought to myself CHARLATAN!

That’s actually not even the point I was going to make. 🙂 The point I was going to make about long form video (and probably sales letters) is that you can “hide” stuff in them that only people who will actually watch/read them will get to see. There is stuff I left out above that I gladly put into the video but… you don’t know where in the video it is! The only way to get the “nuggets” is keep digging (through the video or sales letter). Now that I think about it… I used to read long form sales letters all the time and I remember them being very informative (I don’t remember if the information was good or not). Long form videos still work on me. I watch them all the time.

Anyhow, this blog post is a follow up to the first day of the I Love Marketing event.

The Event

The event has been OUTSTANDING thus far. You and me will both know how outstanding it’s really been 2-6 months out, but I feel like I’ve grown by leaps and bounds from not only the information I’ve gleaned from the event, but the exercises they’ve had us do. If I go from making a couple hundred dollars a month online to a couple thousand of dollars a month in the next few months, it will be directly related to me attending this event. I should add that I’ve been studying internet/information marketing since 2007 so… I don’t think attending an event like this will have such instant results for all people (assuming I have those results! 😉 ) but I do think that it would supercharge things. The event…

The event has been based around the 8 Profit Activators you can “trigger” in your business right now. Here’s a podcast where they talk about them. And here’s a photo I took of them (I’m being so “lazy” I don’t even want to write them! lol)

Just reading them is enlightening, but diving deeper into them with stories and exercises has been amazing.

So the first day has been Joe and Dean taking turns talking about the Profit Activators (peppered with Joe’s random ADD tangents). They start with #1 (Choosing ONE target market), jumped to #5 (The Dream in your prospects mind) (Note: I’m writing these from memory. 😉 ) and then went through #2 (Use Direct Response to attract) and #3 (Educate) (I don’t think they did #4 yet, I’ll know if they did or not in a couple of hours or when I look at my notes. 😉 )

The reason they went from #1 to #5 is basically because you want to know where you’re going before you plot the course. Perhaps #1 could be related to the vehicle in the course plotting analogy. The course you plot will be different for a plane, car or boat. Maybe that’s not a good analogy… lol

Along with Dean and Joe commenting on the Profit Activators they’ve had some “surprise” guests drop some knowledge. One of those guests is one of my other heros Eben Pagan, another was that guy who sells books on real estate really late at night Dean Graziosi a new hero (and not because he did 100 million in sales last year, I knew that already). These guys had some really awesome insights to share. My favorite insight thus far isn’t even what I posted at the top of the blog post. It was from Dean Graziosi (and I’m paraphrasing):

You have to feel so awesome about your products (or the ones you sell) that you want everyone you know and love using them.

I’ll add more to that. He also said this is something you need if you want to be making 100 million a year selling your products and services. That drive to get your product into the hands of EVERYONE that needs it will drive you to do everything you can to get it to them (not the money, I’m sure a lot of people would fall off making “just” $100,000/year… many do!)

I also LOVED what Eben had to share! I took a really crappy picture of him on stage. I guess I’ll put it here (I guess this is why you want to be sitting in front! lol)

(The photo doesn’t look like it’s working as I look at the preview, seems like a technical glitch, I hope it’s resolved by the time you see this!)

Anyway, here’s my favorite nugget from Eben.

Words are the currency of the mind. Some words are $1 words and some are $100 words.

Then he did an exercise to help determine what words are worth and went on to say “Only use $100 words in your copywriting.” Makes sense to me! Another bonus is, only read books from people that deal in $100 thoughts! That’s something I’ve done my best to do but… now I’ll try even harder! I have a, probably bad, habit of buying books on Amazon based on the reviews and star ratings. More the reviews than the ratings but… I don’t know who the reviewer is! I don’t know if they’re a $100 thinker or a $1 thinker (well, I do my best to judge).

That reminds me! I can’t remember who said it (I thought Eben did and I don’t see it in my notes), but it was basically, be careful of who you get criticism from (and think about it and act on it I suppose). Most of the population (well over 80%) are criticizing from a place where you don’t want to be. They don’t have the kind of money, life or health you want. Don’t listen to them. This is getting long and I have to leave soon, but I’ll add something Dan Kennedy said (I got a picture with him which was cool!)

He basically said that if you can’t find someone to model, look at what everyone else is doing and do the opposite! If you do what everyone else is doing, reading the stuff they read, watching what they watch, etc. you’ll get the same results as they do.

Let me give a quick shout out to Dean Jackson as well. He’s very methodical about how he delivers his content and that’s probably really useful to a lot of people. I’ve always liked the ADD recluses who bounce around and seem a little crazy (probably because that’s a pretty accurate description of myself).

Did I mention how EPIC Dan Kenney was? Actually… I should bust out my notes and write whatever I can remember from that right now. He’s going to present today as well, but last night I was privy to a VIP dinner where he answered questions. Did I mention how EPIC he is? lol I mean, a lot of people (myself included) overuse the word EPIC and it has since lost it’s value but… EPIC. 😀

This might not be very clear and it might be more for me than it is for you (actually, everything I do is more for me than it is for you, even when it’s for you! 😉 ). If something sparks something but isn’t clear, leave a comment and I’ll try to bring more clarity to it:

Leveraging fragmentation is the future (We started with one channel that advertisers could use, now there are thousands/millions, use that to your advantage.)

3 Deep Rule – It’s something from MLM, but it can be applied everywhere. For some reason it’s not the person you recruit, or the person that person recruited, it’s the recruit of the recruit of the person you recruited who will produce. Hasn’t been scientifically tested, but it’s been passed around and is clear from his experience.

He got out of MLM because there’s a ceiling and because you end up depending on motivating others. He likes information products because once the sale is made he’s done with you (he has the money and doesn’t care what you do with it, make a million dollars or make a doorstop, it doesn’t matter).

There are no simple solutions to complex problems. He went on to say that a lot of people waste a lot of their time, energy, money and lives looking for simple solutions (the “secret”) to complex problems (their life). This is what he said before giving people a list of books to read. The quesitoner asked for 3 but he said he should be giving a list of 300. He said there are 3 categories you should be reading from:
How to sell.
Stuff that makes you aware that outcomes are your responsibility.
Understanding how and why money moves (esoteric and practical stuff)

He said before anyone goes to college they should get a job in sales and “eat what they kill.” That they’ll learn more in 6 months selling than 4 years of school (I 100% agree with that after my brief sales experience!)

Figure out the kind of life you want and model.

And… That’s about all I have time for. I have to jump in the shower and begin day #2!

Oh! And you should totally go to this event and events like these. I could do everything in my power to teach you everything I got from it but… you need to be there to take what’s important and relevant to YOU!

Start listening to the I Love Marketing Podcast (or find something like it for the stuff your into and go to their events!)

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3 Responses to If Someone Doesn’t Pay, They Don’t Pay Attention – I Love Marketing

  1. miltownmom says:

    Sounds like you are soaking up a great amount of info. Hope you can put it to good use for the good of youself and others.

  2. Joe says:

    Looks like an awesome event man, Thanks for sharing some of what you learned.

  3. Kyna Rosen says:

    Thanks for sharing some of your nuggets from the event! Looking forward to attending future events! Because…..I love Marketing!!!

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