Obama’s Po-Po-Po-Poker Face

If you didn’t catch the reference in the title of the post (mom) it’s a Lady Gaga song (Poker Face). 😉

I wanted to come down from the seriousness of the last two posts on a lighter note and wasn’t sure how to go about it. The answer came in the form of a friend’s status update on Facebook. That’s the video in the middle, it’s quite funny. Now let me explain all of the videos.

President Obama on Death of Osama bin Laden

I posted this video so you could see the how serious Obama was on May 1st.

President Obama Roasts Donald Trump At WHCD!

While watching this video I noticed the date in the bar at the top and was like “WOAH! This was the day before they killed Osama?! lol” (they have his full speech on the White House Correspondence Association website).

Obama Reaction to Seth Meyers’ Osama bin Laden Joke

PO-PO-PO-POKER FACE PO-PO-PO-POKER FACE! lol I found this through the Wikipedia entry for the White House Correspondence Association. Here’s the article on the Times website that was referenced.

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