The Effect Of Outstanding Customer Service – TiresPlus

The flat tire saga from yesterday ended on an extremely positive note. When I get a flat tire I usually take it to this place in Milwaukee called “Mr. P’s” Mr. P’s has served me well for a number of years. They basically plug your tire or throw a used one on and get you rolling again for $20. I thought I’d search the web and see what other options I had nearby. I noticed a Tires Plus was close and their price to fix flats was similar ($24 I think) so I took my car over there.

Outstanding Customer Service

It’s funny that I’m a salesperson now because I’ve always have been and probably always will be a really easy guy to sell to. I might negotiate on price a little more than I used to, but other than that I’m always extremely nice and believe whatever the salesperson tells me. I’ll “fact check” stuff later, but if I’m at a car shop the guy working there is the expert.

I walk into Tires Plus Store #244251:
9101 N Deerbrook Trl
Brown Deer, WI 53223-2476
(414) 355-0500

and tell the guy that I need my tire fixed and I put Fix-A-Flat in the tire (I read online that repair guys don’t like the stuff). He told me he couldn’t fix it because of the Fix-A-Flat, but I could get a new tire if I wanted to (and he also told me Mr. P’s would plug it for cheap). I told him I needed it done, so I’d go ahead and get a new tire. He came out to look at the tire, asked me where it was leaking and I told him the… I forgot the name already, “stem” maybe, but the place where you fill up the tire was leaking.

He says “Oh! If you just need a new stem I’ll have one of my guys swap it out and you should be good to go, just wait a little bit.” After waiting for a little bit he comes back in and says “You’re good to go, you just needed a new stem, no charge.” I ask him how much it would cost to have him put the tire back on for me since they have all that fancy equipment. He has someone put it on and… no charge!

I walked in ready to spend $100+ and he had plenty of opportunities to take it from me and he didn’t.

The Effect

I asked how much they charged for oil changes and it was something like $24 (Valvoline got me for $40 last I went) and they do a full car inspection for like $20 (alignment, rotation, etc.) The investment in a little customer service in the beginning has turned into a potential lifetime Tires Plus customer (for this car and any car I get afterwards).

So many businesses are so focused on the quick dollar that they forget out the long term dollar. For example, when I went to Valvoline for my oil change I thought I was going to spend about $30 (I had a coupon for $6) and they turned it into over $100 (to change a fuel filter, plus I think they over charged something on accident). Their customer service was pretty awesome too, but the experience wasn’t awesome enough to keep me loyal to them and write a blog post about it. 😉

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6 Responses to The Effect Of Outstanding Customer Service – TiresPlus

  1. Willy Donuts says:

    You should call back and inform the manager of the establishment that the person who helped you was extremely helpful and courteous. Thats a good way to show you appreciation, and who knows that may put him up for a raise or a promotion.

  2. Have you read “The Thank You Economy?”

  3. Penney Morse says:

    We also had good experience with Tires Plus. Glad you got trusty rusty back on the road so painlessly, except for the possible hangover:)

  4. Magdalicious says:

    mmm I never understand how places don’t get this? Hence I’m in love with ViewSonic and all their products, bc they friggin picked up my monitor, brought me a replacement and returned mine all for free and a smile on their face.

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