Cleaning House In December

I have SOOO many things that I’ve started up over the past year and a lot of them are unfinished or “broken.” I need to start trimming the fat and sowing up the wounds. Let me give you a good example for perspective…


I think I came up with the idea for the MyDeadXbox community back in July (I bought [the domain]). On that page I made a really crappy attempt to capture email addresses to let people know when the real community would be up and running. Then I and some other folks put a [discussion forum] together. Then I wanted to add a blog to the site and have a broken half attempt at a blog [sitting here.] Then I thought it would have been better to use Ning for this groups of people so [I started up the MyDeadXbox Ning page.] When doing some research I read some stuff I didn’t like about Ning and started one on [a new service called SocialGo.]

If all that isn’t bad enough, I even had the thought to start up [a MyDeadXbox blog on WordPress…]

The Good, Bad and The Ugly of Internets

Did you just read all that? See that’s just ONE of probably… 10-20 similar projects I have started and gone to a pretty serious extent with over the course of this past year. One of the AWESOME things about the internets is the ability to have an idea and just BOOM, get it started. One of the most TERRIBLE things about the internets is that you can have an idea and BOOM get it started… And not only can you get it started but you can BOOM change your mind and change it back with the flick of a switch…

Getting Organized

One of the problems I have is that I’ve been rolling pretty much solo with all the things I want to do. It wouldn’t be so bad except also added to that fact I don’t really work much so I have pretty limited resources… I think that’s going to be a thing of the past soon though. Some of you may know who my buddy [Robonutz] is. I think he’s finally “seeing the light” with all my crazy that I do. Don’t get me wrong, he’s always been down with the crazy, but I think he’s seeing the next level of the crazy and he’s going to be seriously working on some projects with me.

What I’m saying is I finally have a serious team member. 😀 Add that to the fact that I think I, myself, am finally becoming aware of the pitfalls that plague me when I want to do the things I want to do. I really need to get into the habit of FINISHING things before my mind gets caught up in another new idea. I don’t think it always necessarily needs to be ME that finishes things, but I do need to make sure that things have been delegated to someone who can…

I feel like I’m rambling… Basically, I’ll be cleaning house this month and getting my various projects organized and ready to “launch” in 2009.

Some More Examples of Projects

I won’t provide links or anything, but here are some more projects off the top of my head.

PwningLife – Some kind of guide to self mastery tailored to gen-y.

MilTownKlan – It’s been mostly a loose idea up until recently. More on this later.

Your Money Or Your Life – I want to track my spending each month and post the results in a video and blog post at the end of each month. I think I’ll have the first one ready for January 1st. Actually… I just had a really good idea! Instead of trying to post the results from December in early January, I can post the results for November! That gives me all this month to get it ready! GENIUS! lol – Sugata Mitra did [a TED Talk titled “How Kids Teach Themsleves”]. After seeing it I’m convinced that there is a way to make teachers (as we know them now) obsolete. I will dedicate my life and many resources to this. 😀

Gaming Nights – I’m working on organizing social video gaming nights to rock out on big screens and drink beers.

Fight Club – I’m not sure what I’m going to call it yet (right now the name is MMA: Milwaukee Martial Artists… Kind of lame…) Anyhow, I’m going to have weekly meeting to spar and share.

CSPNA – That stands for Cold Spring Park Neighborhood Association. I’m suppose to be doing “things and stuff” for them…

The Barter Exchange – I don’t talk about it much, but I’m working being a part of launching an international barter exchange here in Milwaukee.

Anyhow… I think you should get the picture from that.

In Closing

Here’s the analogy I’m going to use. I’ve spent the last year or so spreading seeds. Throwing them all over the place. Some have landed on rocks and sidewalks, but some lucky ones have landed in nice fertile soil. Instead of trying to help them all grow I’m going to focus on the ones that have obviously taken root and broke through the ground a little. 🙂

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1 Response to Cleaning House In December

  1. miltownmom says:

    Nice self reflection. And that parable of the seeds was one attributed to Jesus in the Bible. It’s one of my favorite parables too. Good idea to focus on the ones that are sprouting.

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