Hanging Out with My Little

So I do that [Big Brothers Big Sisters] thing. There’s some funny part of me that likes to keep it a secret. I’ve mentioned it in a handful of videos, but I haven’t spent much time talking about it directly. If I spend a little time thinking about it I think it’s because I don’t think volunteering should be viewed as something special. I don’t want it to look like I’m saying “Hey! Look at what I’m doing! I’m making the world better and shit!” I think volunteering should be something everyone does, like, on the regular. To the point that it isn’t special when someone volunteers, but it’s strange when someone doesn’t.

Although it would be nice if it was like that… It isn’t. So… unfortunately it is somewhat special me volunteering. πŸ˜› I understand that thinking about it logically, but from my inner worldview it isn’t all that special.

My Little’s Thoughts on BBBS

So I decided to “interview” my Little (the dude I hang out with) today for a video I’m going to put together. I asked him “What is your favorite thing about BBBS?” and I think he gave me the perfect answer: “Just Hanging out.” POOF! That’s all it is really. We just hang out and it like makes the world a better place and shit. πŸ˜‰

So I decided I’d make a better effort in getting the word out a little more and make a video about BBBS. I think some people might be worried about the commitment you have to make and not having enough time. I was too a little bit but… It’s no big deal really. It’s just this little dude that you hang out with from time to time. And you miss weeks sometimes (I certainly did when life would get to kicking my ass right nice) but that’s OK too. You just jump back on the horse soonest you can.

Anyhoo, I’ll make another post about it after the video’s uploaded.

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